17 Jun 2016
Girls Shine at Schools Final!

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The Kent Finals for the Girls 'Chance to Compete' competition took place this Thursday (16-06-2016), with both the Under 13s and Under 15s fixtures running side by side. The seven finalists across both competitions put on a fantastic display and ensured that the competition manager had no end of headache with no out and out winner.

The three teams competing for the Under 13s Kent Title were Hayes (Bromley), Tonbridge Girls School and Maidstone Girls Grammar all ended the fixtures on 4 points, winning one and losing one fixture each. The clash in points meant that the champion was decided by whichever team had the highest score after the following formula: Total Runs Scored divided by Total Wickets Lost - giving an average number of runs scored per wicket lost. Whilst these calculations are never truely agreeable, in this instance TOGS were far out winners having only lost 1 wicket all day, Hayes a close runners-up with an outstanding performance all day.

Four teams made it through to the Under 15s clash. Hayes once again in the final line up, were joined by Homewood (Ashford), Sir Roger Manwoods (Dover) and Townley Grammer (Bromley). Again, the standard of cricket was excellent across the board, again with no clear winner or loser. Both SRMS and Townley won a game each and lost two, leaving Hayes and Homewood to battle it out having won two a piece and lost 1.

Using the same formula Hayes were rewarded for only losing 5 wickets across their 3 fixtures compared with the 10 wickets lost by Homewood, leaving Hayes with an average of 42 runs per wicket against Homewood's 20.

Kent Cricket wish to extend their thanks to The Mote CC for hosting the finals days, as it is great for girls to experience playing at such lovely grounds. Thanks also go to all of the clubs who played host to the cluster events:

  • Bexley CC
  • Orpington CC
  • Mersham Sports CC
  • Sandwich Town CC

Tonbridge Grammar (Under 13) and Hayes (Under 15) will now represent Kent at the Regional Stages of Chance to Compete at Springfield CC in Essex on:

  • Thursday the 14th July (Under 13s)
  • Friday the 15th July (Under 15s)


Link: http://www.kentcommunitycricket.co.uk/news/item/girls-shine-at-schools-final